A post from 2012, … thanks Jeffrey!

Jeff Cronin

Thought I would share this with you all..

Found it fascinating! Was in a café there a couple of weeks back along Caple Street in Dublin 1 and came across the till system in which they were using when I went up to pay the bill… To me it looked like an iPad, but I wasn’t sure, then as I told the guy what I ordered and he was ringing it through out pops the cash register behind him, I couldn’t believe it!!  How could an iPad have the software and hardware against some of the leading epos systems out there.  When I asked what it was called straight away he said it was an App, “Waiterone”.  I thought it was incredible, how could a machine so small do so much and be extremely cost effective.


Waiterone is a point of sale for restaurants, bars and cafés on the…

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